Get a Small Business Loans Now Up To $500,000

Need a small businesses loan? Struggling to get funded? We make it fast, easy and painless. Need it now? No problem. We can pre-approve you within 24 hours. We can even fund same day!

All businesses need access to business loans and working capital to:
•    Buy inventory
•    Bulk discounts
•    Buy new equipment
•    Expand or renovate your facilities
•    Hire new staff
•    Take advantage of opportunities

Traditional business lenders such as banks have very restrictive underwriting and lending guidelines. The result is too many businesses cannot get a small business loan or working capital. Without proper funding they will have limited growth and expansion.

•    No cost, no obligation, no collateral.
•    One page application
•    3 months business bank statements 1st page only of then last business tax return filed.

That's it!

•    Damaged credit, no problem
•    Over 700 industries approved
•    No startups, one year or more in business
•    Home based businesses OK
•    $100K or more in annual revenue

Waters Edge Capital helps hundreds of businesses every month get the funding they need to grow their business. Our focus is on helping you the small to mid-sized business owners get the business loans or working capital you need today. All of our small business loans are custom made for you and your funding needs. No off the shelf or one size fits all. 

Our dedicated staff works with you one on one to design a small business loan tailored to the individual needs of your business. 

•    Rates are super competitive
•    Ask about our $500 won't be beat guarantee
•    Our terms are 6 months to 60 months
•    Payments are daily, weekly monthly
•    Cash-flow friendly

Your business can have the funds it needs right away with our rapid approval.

Talk to Waters Edge Capital today about starting a long term relationship with a customized funding solution for your business.

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